Excel Trading has an enviable portfolio of trading partners. This effectively results in the ability to facilitate the removal of a wide range of waste materials from challenging locations.

Excel with its impressive supplier base can then facilitate the onward disposal of a wide range of waste materials.

These operations have to be conducted in a timely, compliant manner which can result in waste materials pass through up to 10 international boundaries.

This comes with a wide range of political challenges all of which are undertaken by Excel's partner organisations where applicable.

Legislation under which Excel operate can include but not be limited to the following;

DulyReasonedRequest.png Duly Reasoned Requests
Trans Frontier Shipment
IMDG_Shipping_Regs.jpg IMDG Shipping Regs
TIR-Plate.gif Transports Internationaux Routiers
class1.png A D R

In addition to logistics and compliance partners, Excel has access a wide range of disposal partners with the ability to provide solutions for the treatment of a wide range of waste materials.