Excel Trading was formed in 2008 by Simon Roud as a supporting operation to an already successful specialist waste management business. Prior to Simon's time within this waste business he had been engaged in the global transportation of high value cars, concert and event staging and even band and performing artists.

Simon's unique knowledge, experience and credibility earned whilst engaged in the both the transportation and waste management environments led him into investigating the handling of waste materials deemed "challenging".

During his time managing the waste handling business he had been engaged in operations that had seen him deal with materials that had never been handled before and it soon became clear there was a need for a business that could specialise in difficult waste handling in remote and even dangerous and challenging locations. Not only had Simon earned a wealth of experience during this time he had also built up an enviable portfolio of trading partners able to cover every eventuality.

This has resulted in Excel Trading being able to facilitate the removal and subsequent disposal of a wide range of waste materials from locations globally including live conflict and former conflict zones and locations with challenging movement restrictions.