• Excel_2.png Excel Can Deal With Specialist Lithium Batteries Ensuring Compliant Handling and Recycling

  • Excel_6.png Excel Can Facilitate the Collection and Recycling of Waste Batteries

In keeping with Excel's outlook to dealing with more difficult waste streams we provide a full battery collection and recycling service. As well as providing solutions for positive value lead acid batteries we can facilitate the collection and recycling of negative value units such as Lithium and NiCad.

We can collect from any UK location as well as having the ability to arrange collections from worldwide locations and have partnership arrangements with some of the biggest recyclers within the sector.

This means that we can effectively offer the best returns for the waste that has a value and source the most economical solution for negative value units such as Lithium.

We remunerate by BACS, where applicable, within seven days of the collection being made so customers have peace of mind that they will receive payment both timely and effortlessly.

Negative value battery collection capability includes but is not limited to Nickel Cadmium (NiCad), Lithium and Alkaline units. Compliance Paperwork, Loading, Transport and Disposal are all taken care of by Excel and removal from a wide range of locations can be facilitated.

Please call us to discuss options and we will gladly advise of today's prices.