Hazardous Waste Remote Location

Conflict Zone? Peace Restoration Zone? Restricted and Difficult Access? Remote Location or Extreme Environment? Internationally Restricted Wastes? Duly Reasoned Requests? Transfrontier Shipment Required? Moving Hazardous Waste through Politically Challenging International Boundaries?

Through a range of partners and a wealth of experience Excel and their associates can undertake to remove a wide range of waste materials from challenging locations around the world.

Excel Trading have identified ways in which it has been possible to undertake these challenges and can demonstrate achievements in this otherwise uncharted sector of waste management.

From cradle to grave, Excel and their agents, shippers, hauliers and disposal outlets ensure, regardless of the waste stream, that is it is handled with duty of care, compliance and consequence management at the forefront of all movements.

The team will undertake the identification of the waste, it's subsequent classification and the application of such paperwork as Duly Reasoned Requests or Transfrontier Shipments. Once these initial, important elements have been undertaken the physical movement element of the project is organised and the material begins its journey to the final disposal point, which in many cases is thousands of miles away taking in land, sea and sometimes even air travel.

Current projects Excel are undertaking are seeing unidentified waste streams in hostile environments classified, packaged, and transport through live combat zones being organised. These movements will pass through borders with both political and religious restrictions and the associated challenges. They will then go on to undertake journeys with problems and challenges that would ordinarily result in their movement not being possible.

For more information about how Excel Trading and their team of partners may be able to assist with the handling of challenging waste streams in extreme environments please contact Simon Roud.