"Riding on Air" and "No Job too Challenging" would doubtlessly be the best way to summarise Excel Trading's specialist transport offering. Using  a top specification, 18 tonne capacity vehicle, along with access to a 150 tonne capacity heavy haulage outfit, Excel can and does transport some of the most unusual and difficult to handle loads.

Whether your consignment be highly valuable, indivisible, tall, wide, long,  dangerous, fragile, flammable, explosive or indeed all of the above the Excel vehicles and their operatives can deliver anywhere in the UK, Mainland Europe and beyond. The excel vehicles are specified to the highest level for transporting goods under ADR and STGO Cat 3 regulations and the drivers are all fully trained for all classes of hazardous waste.

Our 18 tonne capacity vehicle features air suspension on all axles, a specialised unique tail lift, reinforced bodywork including side curtains, internal and external cameras for load monitoring and enhanced driver safety and satellite tracking you can be assured that your cargo is in extremely safe and capable hands.

Consignments have included highly valuable cars, priceless works of art and even fragile papier mache cats with destinations into Europe undertaken with ease.



  • Papier_Mache_Cats.jpg Excel Were Commissioned to Transport Some Fragile Papier Mache Cats to Frankfurt, Germany.

  • Loading_Vehicle.jpg With its Extended, High Capacity Tail Lift the Excel Vehicle Can Move Cargo Such as High Value Cars With Ease.

  • Loading_Cats.jpg The delicate papier mache cats required specialist handling and loading.

  • lorry02.jpg Fully Insured and Specified to ADR Regulations the Excel Trucks Really can Deliver.

  • Rob_Brown_7.png No Job Is Too Big For Excel Trading - All Types and Size of Plant Can Be Moved

  • Rob_Brown_4.png Excel Can Arrange The Movement of the Largest and Most Challenging Shaped Freight

  • Rob_Brown_3.png Long Load to Move? No Problem for Excel.

  • Rob_Brown_2.png Challenging Loads can be Moved Globally Utilising Excel's Network of Providers

  • Rob_Brown_1.jpg Specialist Load Handling Made Easy by Excel Trading

  • Rob_Brown_5.png Challenging Dimensional Load to Move? Excel Can Deliver.

In addition, Excel has access to a 150t capacity heavy haulage outfit with a 125t payload. This vehicle has a variety of trailer combinations enabling the carriage of indivisible loads, long and or wide loads, heavy plant and such things as bridge sections.

Loads can be collected from sites such as manufacturing outlets, ports and airports, construction sites and delivered to the end user with care. Excel can organise loading and unloading, international paperwork, travel arrangements and permits/escorts and can even ensure secure parking for en route stopovers.

Fully insured and using specially trained operatives Excel can boast a truly bespoke service, offering clients peace of mind that their delicate cargo is being handled professionally, compliantly and with the utmost care.