• truck_removing.jpg Walking Floor Trailer Capable of Hauling a Variety of Bulk Loads

  • pile_of_wood.jpg Materials Handled By Excel & Moved in Bulk Include Waste Timber

Along with facilitating waste removal from extreme and dangerous locations, Excel also has a wealth of experience in the facilitation of waste collections from challenging locations with a more welcoming feel.

Such experience sees the ability to organise bulk collections of waste from locations with vehicular restrictions such as The Channel Islands and remote parts of the UK and Europe.

Utilising "Walking Floor" trailers, Excel can arrange for the collection of a wide range of waste types such as plasterboard, timber and green waste. Along with the collection, disposal through recycling can be arranged effectively offering the customer a one stop shop.

Walking floor trailers are used due to their flexibility in terms of both loading and discharging along with the ability to carry large volumes of bulky, lightweight material along with a whole host of other wastes.

  • WoodChip
  • Waste Wood
  • RDF
  • MSW Household Waste
  • Paper Rejects
  • Green Waste
  • Co Mingled
  • Hardcore
  • Soils
  • Scrap Metal

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