More Than Just Waste Management

  • Excel_4.png Hazardous Waste Loaded Into Container Ready For Shipping

  • pile_of_wood.jpg Materials Handled By Excel & Moved in Bulk Include Waste Timber

  • Container Loading Shipping Containers Being Loaded in Remote Desert Location

  • 08-sample-landfill-slideshow.jpg Excel work in some of the remotest locations on Earth.

  • Excel_6.png Excel Can Facilitate the Collection and Recycling of Waste Batteries

  • Excel_2.png Excel Can Deal With Specialist Lithium Batteries Ensuring Compliant Handling and Recycling

  • lorry02.jpg Fully Insured and Specified to ADR Regulations the Excel Trucks Really can Deliver.

  • Rob_Brown_7.png No Job Is Too Big For Excel Trading - All Types and Size of Plant Can Be Moved

  • Rob_Brown_4.png Excel Can Arrange The Movement of the Largest and Most Challenging Shaped Freight

  • Rob_Brown_1.jpg Specialist Load Handling Made Easy by Excel Trading

  • Container_2.png Not Only Can Excel Trading Supply All Types of Shipping Container but Specialist Lifting and Siting Can Be Undertaken

  • ISO_14001.jpg Excel Trading are Registered to ISO 14001; Environment

  • ISO_9001.jpg Excel Trading are Registered to ISO 9001; Quality

Capable of initiating and managing the compliant handling, removal and subsequent disposal of waste and difficult materials from the world's most challenging locations, Excel Trading offers a uniquely individual service.

Utilising experiences drawn from over 20 years in the challenging sector of waste gases and liquids management, Excel Trading have created a niche service. This provides the ability to identify removal and disposal solutions for a wide range of waste material from any location in terrain deemed to be accessibly challenging and in certain cases even hostile.

Excel Trading have the capability of undertaking projects to remove a wide range of waste materials with the most challenging handling criteria removed from live conflict zones along with waste management solutions being provided to peace keeping regions in the world's most remote and extreme environments.

In addition to the compliant handling of waste materials Excel Trading can also supply specialist transport for delicate, dangerous and challenging loads. Whether your requirement be for the safe passage of explosives or the delivery of a 125 tonne piece of equipment Excel trading can deliver.

Excel Trading also have a container sales division offering customers a wide range of options for the purchase of shipping containers in a variety of guises.  

Excel Trading is dedicated to making these specialist services available across the Globe to a wide and varied client base and with the ability to do this in a fully compliant nature customers can be offered peace of mind that their waste materials are being handled with duty of care at the forefront of all transactions.